Closet Sale Update!

We have finished accepting items for the Closet Sale and have collected more than ever! We also have a ton of sale items that will be marked down super low! Every year we are amazed at how it just continues to grow. As it does, we try to keep making it more fun and easier to shop. Those who shop our sale merchandise at Possibilities on opening day know it can be a very hot day. So we have decided to move everything inside! We'll still have a few racks outside under the tent, but all of the clothing inside Possibilities will be on sale!

In order to accommodate this, we will close Possibilities early on Friday, August 16th at 2pm. We will then stock the store with lots of marked down goodies ready for the next day. We hope this makes everyone’s shopping experience more fun and certainly much cooler! We will keep the sale merchandise at Possibilities through Wednesday, August 21, when we will move it to the Closet Sale space. We will then restock Possibilities with lots of gorgeous new Fall merchandise for the weekend. 

Friday 8/16- Possibilities closes at 2

Saturday 8/17- Possibilities and Closet Sale open 10-6

Sunday 8/18- Possibilities and Closet Sale open 1-5

Then through 10/12 Possibilities and Closet Sale are open Monday-Saturday 10-6.